Friday, October 3, 2014

Nail stamping with holo polish

There are many different polishes to stamp with. There are polishes made specifically to be stamped with, like Konad, and there are some lucky tries you can get with regular polish you own (I find a lot of Zoya cremes are easy to stamp with). Color Club holographic polishes are also great polishes to stamp with, especially over a creme polish.

 photo 613F9D64-3FF8-4937-A63D-E240B8803170_zpsrjkddqn7.jpg

For this look I used Color Club Eternal Beauty, a gorgeous purple holographic polish, and stamped it over KBShimmer You're So Shellfish using my Lily Anna 06 plate.

 photo 110F4EED-05BD-41D4-90A4-A7BE84F149C2_zpse0k3kgbc.jpg

Holos stamped over a creme polish create such a gorgeous effect. Here the polish was a bit bright, so the holo is a little lighter than it could be, but the effect is still gorgeous.

 photo E0ABD422-9625-407C-9019-4AE5AE6542D1_zpsmkgddsi2.jpg

In the photo above, you can really see the purple.

 photo 85D98467-C325-4EE2-A24B-3D6F88A361B9_zpskc1cj2ek.jpg

And out in the sun, the stamping really comes out to play!

 photo 98025E34-3041-4B63-9965-D096FB8E1835_zpsvbsrersc.jpg

What are your favorite nail stamping polish combos?

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