Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feeling uninspired

You guys every have a day when you just don't know what in the world you want to do on your nails?!?

Last night I totally had one of those nights!

 photo AC00FDA7-6AFD-4819-BD90-98B387840074_zpsqwxdhuzt.jpg

I started by removing the look on the top left (more on that manicure tomorrow, it's my second Halloween post).

Then I moved on to what I thought would be a super cute harvest-like manicure, top right. That was just one big fail because the stamping ended up being almost invisble! So I took a few shots of that fail and moved on.

Then I thought, glow in the dark is fun, let's try this new polish I just got in the mail. It was super thick and difficult to apply. After applying it to all my nails, I quickly photographed it and then had to take it off.

And finally it was getting late, so I picked out Literary Lacquers Megatron, which is beautiful, but I would enjoy more with a design stamped on it or some sort of art added (it was just too late and I had spent FAR too much time on my nails at this point).

Basically, share with me your nail fail stories, so I don't feel like such an uninspired nail nut!!!

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