Monday, September 29, 2014

Purple and gold single chevrons

I own quite the collection of a-England polishes and awhile ago I thought they weren't getting the right amount of love! So I pulled out Lady of the Lake and decided to do a nail art look with it.

 photo B8042CEE-6D06-4249-95A1-44A2B521BF0E_zpscnupwxyy.jpg

I am truly in love with nail vinyls, they really make doing fun things like chevrons super easy. And it's a quick easy way to get a nice finished nail art look.

 photo BBDF3C69-D6F3-4D0D-BA36-3BEF41938725_zpsu3mcapbr.jpg

a-England Lady of the Lake is a beautiful scattered purple holo. I thought it was very regal and royal looking so I paired it with Zoya Ziv, a beautiful gold foil nail color. Because the gold foil make Ziv look a little textured, I don't think this manicure looked as good as it could. I think it might have been paired better with a smooth metallic gold to match the soft look of Lady of the Lake.

 photo 2C273E7D-877A-4F3A-AF13-ECDE5BF5AC88_zpsgn1qzxtn.jpg

To give the look a little more depth I alternated the directions of the single chevron and made accents of the opposite colors.

 photo B26C9AEB-D179-4DF8-8876-C08261D91EF3_zps8jrsntpl.jpg

You can purchase nail vinyls at a number of indie nail polish companies, I recently got a variety pack from, which is where these single chevrons came from.

So far I've only done single chevrons, lightening bolts, lines and regular chevron designs, but there are a lot of super cute nail vinyls out there. What are your favorite nail vinyls?

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