Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Wink ^.~

Today I have a lovely multichrome holo polish to share with you. This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Wink ^.~ which is a light blue holographic polish which has flashes of light green as well.

 photo 0FB36879-94BE-4554-93E8-FF3FECF738C9_zpskjtlpupf.jpg

In the shade and in the sun, the green flashes are bright and amazing. I truly loved the colors in this multichrome.

 photo 1B26170B-F184-4610-BAD0-C8154B378F82_zpsmrhzmthu.png''

Just check out that green glow in the shade, above. So unique.

 photo 9FCCAFDB-944D-4E2C-B1FC-144A2DE8933D_zpsaoxgfcih.jpg

This polish is right up my alley. Reminds me of the ocean so I thought I would add some fish stamping to perfect the look.

 photo 6C6AABD7-A36C-45F5-AAA2-A97EC928027B_zpseh2xwqe8.jpg

To stamped I used Zoya Edie and MoYou London Sailor 04 plate.

 photo 4E6AF42A-E0BF-4BCB-8DD3-9E991AE90FF2_zpspttoem4z.jpg

Application: I really liked this polish. It went on great in three thin coats. I topped this with HK Girl Top Coat. I couldn't stop staring at this polish, it looked light blue, then light green! It had a gorgeous shift and the holo was super strong in the sunlight!

Where to Purchase: I purchased this polish from Liquid Sky Lacquer's website in the mini 7 ml size for $6.25. I really like the Liquid Sky Lacquer brand, they have so many different types of polishes – something for everyone and you can buy full size or minis on most of them which is great.

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