Monday, September 8, 2014

Floral nail art for a summer wedding

So as I am getting older, I attend less and less weddings! It's somewhat of a relief, as I remember summers where I was going to one every other weekend.

Earlier this summer my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding, and I feel like it just might have been the first wedding we attended where neither one of us were actually in the wedding – which is bliss. No need for a fancy bridesmaid dress or tux or a fuss about your appearance. No showing up early, making sure things are on schedule – just attend, enjoy your meal and have some fun.

 photo EED23574-CFAA-4B71-9B9A-47E663A892D8_zpskm0ytnq9.jpg
My husband and I at the festivities!

 photo 3CE4F6FC-8E4F-4EE4-8161-F5F83E516307_zpsszklbwae.jpg
Us with the lovely newlyweds!

Anyway, so today I am sharing with you the nails I sported for said wedding!

Since this was an outdoor wedding, I decided to go for a floral theme. I went to my recently purchased pile and pulled out Different Dimension Garden Goddess and then picked out a floral stamp to go on top.

 photo 23F9FB72-EA27-4E73-9ADD-D98856552A7E_zpsrkxh4pm7.jpg

Garden Goddess' formula was a little on the thick side, but it wasn't so much so that it was difficult to work with. The holo finish in it is a little weaker than some holo bombs I sport, but it is subtle and I think it's beautiful. 

 photo 064CB7ED-8138-45E9-B6D2-19F0049D823D_zpscxdwcowo.jpg

I stamped using MoYou London Pro Plate 06. I used Essie Hip-Anema, which is an orange-leaning red creme polish to stamp with. Was hoping it would go well with my coral dress.

 photo 37B60283-6D5C-4ADD-975E-031469A4FAA8_zpsulb7b6j3.jpg

Where to purchase: You can purchase Different Dimension polishes at their shop on Etsy. I believe I purchased this polish at Llarowe for $13.

So I hoped you liked my wedding nails today guys! What nails and designs do you typically sport for weddings? Do you do different designs for outdoor weddings or indoor weddings? Share with me you wedding nail tales!

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