Friday, July 11, 2014

The Perfect White Holo - Dance Legend Blanco

Awhile ago I became obsessed with finding the perfect white holo polish. While browsing the Makeup Alley Nail Boards, I saw some posts about how beautiful and awesome Dance Legend's Blanco was. Immediately I knew this was what I was searching for.

 photo 0066AF85-F1FD-42D7-893E-138CA7753BFD_zpsebkvkdxq.jpg

Dance Legend Blanco is from their Holodays line, a newer release, and I also have another beauty from this collection to show you later.

 photo 4B8B3AE4-5F2A-431B-9B0D-A9B49FC8E68C_zpszsawag0y.jpg

This really is even more vibrantly holo in real life, I'm sorry I didn't capture it better in these photos. Outside the holo is so intense. But because sometimes I need to nail art all the things! I ruined this a bit by stamping with Winstonia plate W111 over the polish. I thought, "rainbows over my holo polish! That's clever right?"

 photo 97AF59FB-3A99-4247-AF71-C7835EE827FD_zpsep5knlyb.png

It was cute, but unfortunately it dulled the holo a bit, in my opinion.

 photo F8C13E48-F54A-40C1-9A5F-A0724BFD29D7_zpsbmfsutij.jpg

I really did love this polish, but wish I hadn't have stamped over it. Oh well, you live you learn!

Application: This polish went on smoothly with two thin coats. I remembered thinking it might go on a little textured, because of the bigger holo pieces in this collection, but I as pleasantly surprised at how smooth the application was. It looks more textured than a regular holo, but the application is smooth. Topped with with HK Girl Top Coat.

Where to Purchase: Dance Legend polishes can be purchased through their website. I purchased this polish on Llarowe. They retail for $13. Purchasing from the Russia site will take a long while to reach the US from what I've heard. This polish is currently in stock on Llarowe so what are you waiting for?!? Time to try out the most perfect white holo!

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