Monday, July 21, 2014

KBShimmer Belle of the Mall

Happy Monday everyone! I think I can only say that because I am typing this up not on a Monday. What is with Mondays? They really can be the worst sometimes huh?

Anyway today I have a sparkle bomb of brightness to share with you. I first fell in love with KBShimmer after seeing their outrageous jelly sparkle polishes that truly pack a punch. Belle of the Mall is from KBshimmer's their Spring Collection and it's a beautiful pink leaning coral jelly glitter bomb!

 photo 7DB2B856-9DD8-49CC-97B0-8403441E1E85_zpstwlzmw8k.jpg

Not only did this polish sparkle in the sun, it was almost neon in the shade! Such a beautiful bright pink color!

 photo FAD1FBF9-2129-4AC1-BC08-EB6BD8B1D019_zpslupe8pzj.jpg

This polish consists of holo hex pieces of various shapes suspended in a pink leaning coral glitter that glows in and out of the sunlight!

 photo C18FC405-AABF-4E98-B6D5-4E9AB97031EE_zps7gqqiehk.jpg

Now, I seriously love glitters, but I seriously hate removing glitters. So I naturally I got a base coat that makes removal easier – here I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel. I have a love hate relationship with this base coat – I love how easy it makes my glitter to remove, but I hate that my manicure lasts less than 24 hours before it starts the easy removal process. I just want to wear a glitter for a longer amount of time (than 24 hours) and have an easy time removing it. But unfortunately that is just too much to ask.

And so I painted my nails the evening before and by 2 p.m. the next afternoon, this happened:

 photo 9E663BBC-634E-4794-BBB9-A7E84C792F79_zps3dlxgmbf.jpg

Application: KBShimmer makes THE best glitter bombs that require no fishing for the various sizes of glitter and went on easy in three coats!

Where to purchase: You can purchase Belle of the Mall from KBShimmer's website for $8.75. Seriously these are some of the most affordable and best quality indie polishes on the market, if you haven't already browse their site – they have something for everyone including cremes, holos, multichromes and yes glitter bombs!

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