Monday, July 14, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa and girly unicorn nail art

When I first put on Colors by Llarowe Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa I had one thought – this is just about the most girly looking polish ever! It was purple and rainbows and happiness all around.

 photo AD2C3DEE-7A98-4CC6-81D8-04D8627F8D43_zpsw6loi9qc.jpg

Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa is a royal purple holographic polish that packs a punch! The holo in this is linear and strong. There is just something about purple that completes a holo. I really liked this polish! In indoor lighting, when the holo is weaker, the polish appears as a holo shimmer.

 photo AD0EEC38-0358-4FA7-8427-BD915C93CDAD_zpsdsy6redi.jpg

Because this polish was so girly looking, I thought it would be a great idea to add a unicorn! Because as a friend on Instagram told me "Unicorns got with everything!"

 photo 5235F3FE-33DD-4AB9-81A2-5B01A2301D7C_zps98att7kg.jpg

The unicorn is from Winstonia Plate 117 and the stars are from Winstonia Plate 107. I thought they make a great cosmic girly look perfect for this beautiful purple holo polish.

 photo 4D279189-5953-436E-8460-4A1394AE1BF6_zpsl4vlofak.jpg

Application: This polish went on in two vibrant coats. The polish was a little thicker due to it being a holo, but not something that was impossible to work with.

Where to purchase: Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa is a polish I got for ordering on Leah Anne's (the maker of Llarowe) birthday. It was completely unexpected and I totally loved it because it wasn't a polish I would normally pick up for myself but it ended up looking amazing! You can't purchase this polish because it was a special polish, but you can purchase other Colors by Llarowe holos for about $12 at

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