Thursday, July 3, 2014

ILNP Summer Stargazing and Fourth of July nail art

Coming to you all a day earlier than I usually post, because of the holiday! First off I'll lead with the nail art, since it's just in time for the Fourth of July. I was inspired by the name of my polish ILNP's Summer Stargazing, thought I would do some stars and stripes in honor of the holiday.

 photo 71B0DADB-09F7-44E4-BDFA-DA9115E056AE_zpspsueuwj6.jpg

The stars looked great over Summer Stargazing, the stripes were an experiment. I used Zoya Sarah, and I rather liked the subtle look of the stripes. This wasn't a typical in your face flag manicure or a Red White and Blue manicure even. I thought this was unique!

 photo D6765685-EBAE-4688-A9E6-0B93D49D9A7D_zpsnnlqzfik.jpg

This was my manicure from last year. Typical flag mani. I still liked it though! But look at my cuticles and application!!! I think I've much improved my nail polishing skills for sure!

 photo 099d81ea-7b1c-4680-8e3a-652c9c1e4ee7_zps910307a5.png

Now on to the polish review. ILNP Summer Stargazing was a stunner. Bright blue with beautiful holo finish!

 photo 50120BC0-54A6-42FF-AA45-CA117C1538C5_zpsnlolxfff.jpg

 photo 0C7A2B86-CF3F-47C8-883D-BDE03CCFF32C_zpsflkxdmhr.jpg

Application: This went on perfectly in two thin coats. Similar in consistency to it's sister polish Rehab, which I reviewed yesterday! I topped it with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat, which is also a perfect topper for nail art because it doesn't smear it!

Where to purchase: You can purchase ILNP Summer Stargazing for $10 on the ILNP website!

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