Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review and swatches I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Siréne

Yesterday was a great day! Not only was it raining buckets (and believe me California needs it) I came home to some wonderful nail mail!

 photo 072291fa-c56d-44e8-a677-83c9e48d20df_zps5121bfce.jpg

These are my very first polishes from the I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) brand, but they have been majorly hyped online in the various online nail communities I frequent.

 photo 3f70075e-a218-4e71-b91b-7d1b86da4801_zps4a0a3f26.jpg

I purchased, from left, Cygnus Loop Holo (after seeing some amazing swatches of it on Instagram), Siréne and Reminisce. Not knowing what full manicure to sport first, I did a quick and dirty swatch of the three and asked various online channels what they wanted to see.

 photo 301f45b9-0213-4c04-b244-49f5091efc63_zps5225e71d.jpg

After I took this photo, I made the craziest noise. Like, "WOW, I can't believe these colors are all THIS beautiful!!!" My husband was video chatting with a friend of his and they thought I was crazy! But seriously, aren't these colors absolutely amazing?!?! P.S. Sorry for the weird claw position my fingers are in, but I didn't want my previous manicure to ruin the beauty of the new swatches!

Choosing was difficult, all my online friends wanted to see different ones. Reminisce was definitely my favorite, but Siréne seemed to have the strongest shift (out of the new releases, Cygnus Loop was not new). So I went with Siréne, and I have a bunch of shots to share!

 photo d847afc6-b754-432d-9503-e314b2a51776_zpsef2d00c9.jpg

Above is my most perfect shot of Siréne. It looks best outdoors, not in direct sunlight. I was expecting it to be cloudy today because it was so stormy yesterdays and we are between storms in Northern California, but it was sunny this morning as well so I have some sun shots to show you as well.

 photo 1605a6f7-38a6-44d4-abfa-cd17372118f5_zps663eed03.jpg

In direct sunlight, the nails look teal, see above. But if you cast a tiny shadow or move your nails slightly they can shift to purple, see below.

 photo f82b854d-ecd9-492b-8470-2f669240f882_zps048a8ce2.jpg

Indoors, softer light helps bring out the hues and shifts more, so I have a couple of shots to show you, including the last in my office under fluorescents.

 photo e6a7940a-161a-4254-9c21-9b2c1d4744c6_zps3493d064.jpg

 photo 722b7e9c-5879-4aa9-8133-d5c52e7e4330_zps508411be.jpg

 photo fa46ffce-e9c0-43ac-b3a7-3da8cc5f693e_zpsf666e409.jpg

Overall I was highly pleased with this purchase! Now onto the details!

 photo 94fba409-1195-4f08-842e-de0c58097e0a_zpsce69541d.jpg

Application: The polish was actually quite thin and a little patchy on the first coat, but it really started to show up well after two coats. I added a third to make sure the shift was amazing! All shots shown (with the exception of the quick and dirty swatches of all three polishes) are three coats with Essie On The Go top coat.

I have to say the shift in this polish is amazing and VERY easy to see. You don't need a black undercoat like you do with some other duo and multichromes. I was disappointed with my CrowsToes Indian Summer (one of my first duochromes) because the shift was so shy. Siréne is quite the opposite!

Where to purchase: I purchased these during ILNP's presale of their Spring Collection. Their website features all of their new spring polishes (including some pastel holos if that is your thing). You can purchase Siréne here for $12.50. The Spring Collection goes on sale March 7.

What do you think? Do you like this color shift? Do you want to see another manicure featuring one of the other ILNPs I purchased? What ILNP colors do you like the most?


  1. Amazing! Thanks so much for this review. What was the dry time like? I purchased a few of the older ILNP ultra chromes and they took a little while to dry. Can't wait to see the green!

    1. Even when I did the quick and dirty swatches (without the quick dry top coat) it didn't seem to take too long for them to dry. I was being delicate though. I wouldn't say they take any longer than most polishes!

    2. Very cool! Thanks :) If you loved the shift on this you MUST try Mutagen. Oh man that was one seriously beautiful polish. I have Sirene and a few others on their way to me now, can't wait to get them!

    3. Yes I am definitely lemming Mutagen, especially because I LOVE green, but I had to keep this order down because I was running out of funds! Definitely will keep Mutagen up on the list though! I really think, I want to do skittles of five really great multichromes, so if I add Mutagen to the mix, what should be the fifth?

    4. Very cool! I'd also highly recommend birefringence - that's my second fav. So far I have that, Mutagen, My Little Glacier, birefringence and cygnus loop with Sirene on the way. I just LOVE ILNP's Ultra chromes!! I like your skittles idea! Another cool idea is to do a gradient (I pasted a link below) with a couple of these. But the polishes are so amazing no matter what you do with them they'll look awesome!

  2. Great review & pictures! I have this polish coming in the mail, can't wait to try it on :)
    The most shifty multichrome in my collection is currently ILNP Nostalgia - I love it so much that I even ordered the holo version as well - and it looks like Sirène has the same strong shifting qualities :D

    1. I'll have to consider Nostalgia, I'm really loving this polish! I'm sure you'll love it too!