Monday, August 22, 2011

Washinton DC - Day Three

Today the minute we stepped outside we could tell it was going to be a better day. The weather was much cooler and WAY less humid. We started the day by going to a cafe next door - The West Wing Cafe (which was an affordable great option for a quick meal).

After breakfast we walked to the Newseum which was an amazing seven story museum chronicling journalism through the years (obviously perfect for me). Some noteable things we saw: Daniel Pearl's press pass and laptop, Hurricane Katrina coverage stories about saving lives then reporting, a heartbreaking story about a photo-journalist who died photographing 9-11, a piece of the World Trade Center, the largest piece of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany, a 4-D movie experience, many historical front pages and so much more! The Newseum was easily the best museum of the whole trip.

After the Newseum we walked a few blocks to the Capitol building where we saw a few of the memorials out front and made our way to the Visitor Center in the back. We arrived to our tour and began an hour tour of all the meaningful historical rooms in the Capitol. We saw the historic Supreme Court room, where the house used to convene and the center rotunda where there was beautiful art and paintings. After the tour, Mike and I got passes to see the actual rooms where Congress and the House convene. That was amazing to actually see where our laws are made.

From the Capitol we walked to the nearest Metro station and arrived to the Ford Theatre where Lincoln was shot. We were unable to tour the inside because it was too late, but it was still neat to see. We also saw the house across the street where he was taken (to a doctor's) and eventually died.

We headed a few blocks away to the restaurant district and stopped at a great little place for Spanish tapas. This was the best deal of the trip. Three dollars tapas, $3.50 for beer and sangria. It was the perfect stop for the light dinner we were looking for. Best Happy Hour ever!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel, where we are now doing a little packing and getting ready for our departure first thing tomorrow morning!

Next stop: Nashville!

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