Monday, August 15, 2011

Epic Road Trip Day 3

Miles driven: 776 miles
States traversed: Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York
Time driven: About 13 hours

Today felt the longest even though our actual drive time was the shorter than our previous two days. We learned the joy of toll roads when we went through Ohio and Indiana, personally I think it is kinda ridiculous to pay for the pleasure of driving through your road construction. I also think its ridiculous to be stuck on the Ohio turnpike and only have road stops with no tables (therefore no comfortable way for us to make lunch) so we have to go inside and buy lunch at the overpriced Burger King or Starbucks. Oh and then we are stuck paying whatever you find reasonable for gas. Not a fan of the Ohio Turnpike. When we finally reached upstate New York we were greeted with wonderful thunderstorms, which made driving pretty difficult. Even more so when it got dark. To top it all off, when we got to our Motel 6 they had us down for a smoking room. Not happy, at least we got 10 percent off.

Overall we are just looking forward to tomorrow and the Red Sox, praying it doesn't get rained out.

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