Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boston Day 2

Boston Day 2

Miles driven- Absolutely none!

After taking a very much needed morning to sleep in, Mike and I headed straight to Fenway for our 1:35 p.m. day game. We walked around Yawkey way, took in the sites and crowd at the game and ate at the ballpark. Eventually the game began.

Unfortunately it looks like we traveled more than 3,000 miles to watch the Red Sox lose twice. They were shut out and it is the first time in franchise history they have only had three hits or less in the past three straight games. So as you tell, after today’s shut out, we were more than disappointed. But we tried not to let it get us down as we took some more photos around the ballpark and just appreciated being there.

After the game, we took the T (the wrong way I think) and ended up near the John Hancock building, which we thought had an observation deck. We were wrong. After Sept. 11 they closed it. But we found out we can visit the Prudential Building for another good view, which we might do tomorrow.

On our way back toward our hotel, we decided to stop for dinner at Legal Seafood (which was recommended by several different people). Even though we weren’t dressed up, we went and called it our anniversary dinner (since we didn’t have a chance to celebrate our actual anniversary Aug. 7). I had some great dessert wine and Mike had a Ciopinno plate and some good clam chowder.

After dinner we headed home and just spent the evening taking it easy, enjoying the luxury of our hotel. To top it off, we are watching The Town on HBO in our room right now, the movie that originally inspired this visit to Boston.

Tomorrow Amanda comes up from Providence and I couldn’t be more excited.

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