Friday, August 26, 2011


We slept in this morning, which was wonderful. When we woke up, we walked across the parking lot to the IHOP and had some breakfast.

Once we returned, Mike did a load of laundry in our floor’s laundry room. It was very needed for him as he was almost out of clean clothes.

For lunch we headed out to see just how close the ball park was and get our bearings straight. We ended up eating at the Black Pea Restaurant, where I had a schmorgasbord of fried southern food and sweet tea. It was a fun culinary experience.

After lunch, we headed toward the ball park, to check out how to get there, and stopped by Cowboy’s Stadium on the way. We walked through their gift shop and were amazed to see just how many NFL products there could be.

Then we headed to the Rangers Ballpark to try to find where to park, but eventually we decided to just take the free trolley (an amenity of our hotel).

When got back to the hotel, we just relaxed and took in the great A/C as it was more than 100 degrees outside.

At about 5:30 we headed back down to the sports bar for Mike to grab a beer before we caught the trolley to the ball park. While sitting at the bar, we encountered Daniel once again, this time in his street clothes. He was drinking a beer and seemed pretty intoxicated at this point as he began to repeat something he had already talked about last night. Once the bar keep returned to the bar (after being in the back) he told Daniel that the manager wanted to see him, then Daniel came back out, finished his beer in one gulp and exited the premises.

After Mike finished his brew we hit up the trolley, which took like 40 minutes to ride on and was so hot. It was about 104 degrees outside and 35 percent humidity. Once we finally arrived at the ballpark, we got out and entered (not before Mike was scanned by security first).

We arrived at our amazing seats to find we were surrounded by Red Sox fans, which was great. We talked to the couple beside us and in front of us for the most time we were in our seats. But man it was so hot. We we both sweating bullets as there was little to no wind and the heat just seemed to be stagnant. Mike ate a gourmet hot dog and I had an Icee (as it was too hot to consume anything else!).

About halfway through the game, when the score was 4-0 and we had seen two home runs already, Mike and I decided to walk around the ball park and get out of our sweat pods (better known as our seats). The walk was refreshing and there were some other awesome places to watch the game in the ball park.

Because the score was 6-0 at the seventh inning stretch and we were dying in the heat, we decided to grab the trolley home early (they had signs that if you waited until the end of the game to take the trolley, you might have to wait more than an hour to get back to your hotel).

We finished watching the game in the bar back at the hotel (no Daniel this time, yay). I got really tired and headed back to the room, but Mike got deep in conversation with this guy from Southern Alabama who was in town on business. He worked for Lockheed.

The Rex Sox ended up wining the game 6-0 and we saw A-Gon hit 2 home runs, Big Papi hit one home run and the catcher Saltamalachia hit one as well.

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