Monday, August 22, 2011

Washington DC - Day two

Today began with breakfast at the hotel restaurant - Article One (where, according to the hotel channel on our TV, "since we are down the street from the Capitol, you never know who you might be dining next to!") Eye roll.

After breakfast we headed out to get a cab to the Lincoln Memorial, all the way on the opposite side of DC. The memorial was very exciting to be at, but we were very disappointed to realize the reflecting pool was nothing but dirt. What a way to ruin a beautiful photo!

After the Lincoln Memorial we decided to walk the to the Washington Monument and see all the memorials in between. But man, it was SO hot and humid it took us over an hour to see the Korean War Memorial and the World War II memorial and get to the Washington Monument. From the Washington Monument we took a few shots of the front of the White House (since last time we were there we couldn't bring our camera because we went inside).

After the memorials, we walked back toward the mall and eventually made it to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We were so overheated at this point we just needed to sit for like 30 minutes to cool our cores down (Mike almost fainted on the way there, and yes we were drinking TONS of water, it was just that humid). At the museum we saw the Hope Diamond, a cool mammals exhibit showing all different sorts of animals and environments, the ocean exhibit and a bones exhibit which basically was CSI for history buffs.

As soon as we exited the museum we hailed a cab and took it back to the hotel. We needed the afternoon off to rest. We watched some TV, Mike browsed the internet and we relaxed. It was very needed and the heat and humidity made it difficult to want to do anything else.

For dinner we walked around the corner to an Irish restaurant The Dubliner. Mike had some local brew and we ate dinner at the local-ish feeling pub.

We returned to our hotel after dinner to relax some more and turn in early.

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