Friday, August 19, 2011

Boston Day 3

(I wrote this last night but didn't have internet access so I am publishing it now!)

This morning Mike and I got lost the minute we got out of the hotel. We were trying to find a place to eat breakfast, but the area around our hotel is just so confusing to figure out. This city is not a grid, we learned the first day that the roads were created by the cattle that used to graze in Boston, or something like that. So where we are staying there are all these little half blocks that curve in very strange ways. Anyway it took 45 minutes to walk like two blocks, it was annoying.

After breakfast we went on our way to walk the historic Freedom Trail. On this trail we saw Boston Common and the Frog pond (America’s oldest public park), the State House (with a gold leaf dome), Park Street Church (which we heard chime all its bells at noon), Granary Burying Ground (which had housed John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, James Otis and all five of the Boston Massacre victims), King’s Chapel and Burying ground (with super old graves that date back to 1600’s and housed Mary Chilton who came over on the Mayflower), Old South Meeting House (which is where many conversations happened to launch the Boston Tea Party and the Revolution), Old State Museum (where the Constitution was first read to Bostonians) and the site of the Boston Massacre (which was the “shot heard round the world”).

After we walked around, Mike and I returned to the hotel and met up with Amanda! We took the T down to the Prudential Center and had lunch at a Five Napkin Burger and then went on our Duck Tour. The Duck Tour filled in the gaps of what the walking tour didn’t cover and then we went out on the water and got a great view of Boston. After the Duck Tour we went to the top of the Prudential Center and took photos of the 360 degrees of Boston from the Sky. We walked back toward our hotel from the Prudential Center and went to the Public Garden, which was surrounded by weeping willows, beautiful plants and swan boats.

Eventually we all met up with Amanda’s boyfriend Nate at the Bell in Hand Tavern, the oldest continuously operating tavern in the United States. It was originally started by Boston’s Town Crier and used to be frequented by Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere. When we walked in to the bar, some Amstel Light girls gave us free beers. We had appetizers and a drink or two then ventured out again for some authentic Italian in Boston’s northern Little Italy. We found a little restaurant, split a bottle of red and had a pleasant Italian dinner. After dinner we said goodbye to Amanda and Nate and walked back to our hotel.

Once back at our hotel, Mike and I went to the hotel bar and finished watching the Red Sox game (Which was in Kansas City), which of course they won (probably because we weren’t watching in person). And now it is midnight and we have to get on the road at 6am tomorrow to head to DC. Goodnight.

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