Friday, August 19, 2011

Travel day- Boston to DC

So today started at the early hour of 5 a.m. so we could hit the road and get to DC at a decent hour.

The drive today was a lot more difficult and expensive than we expected. It seems like almost every state we went through had a toll, just to drive through. Deleware had two! One to get over the bridge and one it took to drive 20 minutes through the state. Ridiculous.

Anyway as we approached NYC we were really getting nervous that our GPS might drive us right through Manhattan. Turns out we only had to go through the Bronx, but that was a bit stressful!!! After the Bronx we rode over the historical George Washington Bridge – which was really high up.

Once we got to DC (and we sat through a ton of traffic getting here), we realized our hotel was not as "in the thick of it" as we had hoped. So that got us a bit down, that and the fact that it was 90 plus with 90 percent humidity. Blergh.

So after we got settled in we walked about 15 minutes (in the heat and sun) and got to RFD, a place with a million beers on tap (perfect for Mike). After eating we headed back to the hotel to call it an early night (because we got so little sleep last night). Anyway, as I do every several months, on the way home I biffed and fell and sprained my ankle and skinned my knee. We had two blocks to walk home and that was very painful but we made it.

We got an ice pack at the concierge and Mike walked across the street to the Fire Station to get a wrap for my foot. We spent the rest of the evening in and just relaxing. Thank goodness we did, it started raining cats and dogs as soon as we got home and there was a lengthy lightening and thunder show outside.

We're calling it a night now, we have an appointment to visit the White House first thing in the morning (I think we'll take a taxi to get there).

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