Sunday, August 14, 2011

Epic Road Trip Day 2

Miles driven: about 900
States traversed: Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois
Time: 14 hours

Today went by pretty fast and believe or not we are not completely sick of driving yet. The day started out with a pretty quick drive into Nebraska, which is sparsely populated and had A LOT of corn. Had lunch at a picturesque rest stop, where a van had just run over a semi-truck's fuel thingie. The story we heard was that the van ran over the truck part and it killed something in the undercarriage of the car (it was leaking some sort of hydrolic fluid) and it ripped apart their tire. Later on the road a couch was sitting in the middle of the road and we nearly missed it, only to watch in the rear view mirror some pick up truck completely obliterate into a million pieces. It made us laugh. We stopped for dinner, after Mike's epic run of 336 miles without stopping, in a small town (Grinnell)in Iowa at a Hardee's (what we know on the West Coast to be Carl's). Another few hours on the road and we were in Illinois at to our sleeping destination of Princeton, Illinois. Interesting facts about Princeton: It was the home of Owen Lovejoy who was an important abolitionist. His home in Princeton was a stop on the underground railroad! And just outside of town is the home President Ronald Regan grew up in.

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