Friday, August 26, 2011

Travel Day – Washington DC to Nashville, Tennesse

Today we hit the road early, trying to beat the downtown DC traffic. We spent most of the day driving through Virginia and then through Tennessee.

For lunch we stopped somewhere in Virginia, at a Shoney’s, which was a small little southern place that served southern comfort food. This was our first stop in a small town where everyone had accents and were very friendly to us.

After lunch, as we were driving in Tennessee, all of a sudden our GPS coordinates got all off and our GPS started saying “recalculating” even though we didn’t move off the guided path of the freeway. About a minute later we heard on the radio station we were listening report to that there was just a 5.9 earthquake centered outside of Washington DC in Virginia. We didn’t feel anything, but think that is what messed up our GPS. After that we got a million texts and some phone calls asking if we felt this “crazy east coast quake.”

Once we arrived at our hotel in Nashville, we unpacked and settled in. We got the handicapped room at the Best Western, which was a little weird. As soon as we arrived we headed out to Broadway, which was about three blocks away.

Once on Broadway we hit up the Bridgestone Arena where the Nashville Predators play (to get a shot glass) but were bummed to see the gift shop closed an hour before we got there. After that, we walked up and down the famous Broadway Avenue and listened to all the live music coming from the many bars lines along the avenue. Eventually we settled on Rippy’s Bar & Grill where we shared a basket of Fried Dill Spears and I had a sweet tea and Mike had a Fireball shot and a beer.

After about an hour at Rippy’s, we moved on to The Wheel, which had a live band playing. The place was practically deserted that night, being that it was Tuesday, so the band practically played a concert for just us. There was this drunk girl at the bar who kept getting up and dancing all weird by herself, she had wild bleach blond hair that was short and sticking strait up – she was crazy. As we watched the band, Mike sipped on some local brandy and then some local beer.

After our own private concert, we left and got the Eskimo Brothers CD on our way out. We walked to the end of the road and got dinner at the Big River Restaurant and Brewery. Mike was feeling pretty good at this point, so he had a lengthy conversation with our server who told us all sorts of tips about Nashville. Mike had a true southern meal of shrimp and grits and I just had some coleslaw because I did not feel super well (I think it was the heat).

We turned in early to prepare for our next day’s drive.

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