Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ILNP Gradient with Holo Stamping

Happy Wednesday everyone. This week is quickly flying by and I am so excited because I am going out of town wine tasting this weekend and after taking the last month off drinking, I'm ready to have some fun again. And thank you California winters because it looks like I'm going to have weather in the 70s for my outings!

Anyway today I have some terrifically bright nails to share with you.


I recently made a hefty ILNP purchase, thanks to a coupon code and a gift certificate from Christmas. As soon as I saw So Coral and Super Juiced, I knew I wanted to pair them together in a gradient, and I think the results are stunning.


I did put a layer of white polish down first, and I think the tip is for good gradients with a white base is good clean up of the white base. Try to clean away the white from the edges of the nail, so when you clean up your gradient, you don't get any white peeking through.


After finishing the gradient I knew I wanted to stamp over it, but I didn't want it to take away too much from the gradient. I originally thought I wanted to add a holo top coat to the gradient and then stamp with a solid color (like black), but then I decided that would be to distracting and take away from the beauty that is So Coral and Super Juiced. So I decided I would just stamp with holo color.


I used one of the new UberChic Beauty Collection 7 plates (restocking Feb. 9), using the geometric image from plate 7-02 with my M Polish To Have and to Holo. The result was super delicate, but I really liked it!


And a total happy coincidence, the manicure matches my walking shoes perfectly! It's been a goal of mine to reach 10,000 steps every day, and I've been doing my best so far using my fitbit! Having a lto of fun too!

I hope you enjoyed these nails, I'll have to post a full review of my recent ILNP purchase soon, so be on the lookout for that! :)

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