Monday, June 15, 2015

New to Me: Ever After Polish

Memorial Day weekend brought about all sorts of indie polish sales, so I thought it was time to try another new to me brand: Ever After Polish.

Before I get to the review of this polish I need to say that I was a bit disappointed by the shipping time/lack of communication from this brand. I made several polish orders from the Memorial Day weekend and I received all my packages in a timely matter (within a week's time). When I noticed that this package was still missing, I set out to see if there was any sort of announcement of a delay in shipping. I checked the website seven days after my original order  – it says 2-5 days. I checked the Facebook account to see if there was some sort of announcement of a delay, I didn't see any. So then I went to onto Instagram to see a message that the maker said all the packages would be sent out right after the holiday weekend (so this was a week after that at this point).

I commented on that post to see if there was a delay I didn't know about and the maker said that her son had the flu. Then she direct messaged my account with a picture of one of their mani bombs and said she would include an extra with my order to make up for the wait. I thought that was a nice communication. So then I waited and it took another whole week before my polish was shipped and another week after that before I actually received the polish. And wouldn't you know it, when it arrived there was no extra as promised.

Now this isn't about getting an extra or anything like that. Getting something for nothing was not my intention when I contacted the maker via Instagram. I guess what I'm a little upset about is the lack of communication. I know life happens, especially with small businesses. I'm totally understanding of that, but I guess all I wanted was some sort of a post or something explaining that there was a delay. And the promise of something, it was nice, but having it not be fulfilled really makes me suspect that it was just something she said to get me off her back. And now all these bloggers are showing up with swatches of their latest collection, and it just all has me a little suspect about why there was a delay in the first place.

I don't want to cause drama or anything, but there are so many indies out there to try, I just wanted to make sure that I explained my experience with this purchase.

UPDATE EDIT: The maker of the polish contacted me offline and has taken my comments constructively, which is all I can ask. I had a good experience communicating with her, so I definitely will not be writing off this brand and I suggest you don't either – as you read more of this post you'll see how much I did love this polish.

Ok now onto the swatches.




This is Ever After Polish Jagged Heart and it is totally beautiful. I love the crelly multichrome flakie combination and the multichrome flakies in this polish are just gorgeous. A beautiful rainbow of colors this polish is beautiful in direct light and in the shade.

Application on this was opaque in two coats. The flakie distribution was thick, which made the polish a little thick, but not so much that it made it difficult to apply. I liked how evenly the flakies distributed during application.

This is truly a lovely polish and I am glad the maker followed up with me about my experience because it totally redeems the experience I had in my eyes. Please do check out Ever After Polish, they just came out with their second collection, which Kirby at The Mercurial Magpie reviews here.

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