Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LynBDesigns Reader Appreciation Giveaway

You guys, I'm super sorry I've once again gone a week without a new post! I guess I'll begin this post with an explanation of why.

Each year around mid-November my life gets a little hectic. My mom, who owns her own business crafting personalized goods, comes to town and I work her Northern California circuit of Harvest Festival Craft Shows. I do this in addition to working my normal day job as a journalist. So for the month of November, I am pretty much working EVERY DAY.

My life at the moment, is a bit intense.

But at the same time I love this time of year because I get to spend so much time with my parents, who I don't see as much as I'd like to, and I get to see a lot of hand crafted goods in the meantime.

And a bonus, since my mom's business mainly involves Christmas ornaments, we dress up as elves to sell the stuff, and while it's a little embarrassing, I thought I'd share with you some shots from the last show.

 photo 93AD55D8-AC81-47CF-8DDA-D6ED70E92B5E_zpszjo30yim.jpg

That is me and my mom at the booth before the day started. Last weekend was her best show ever, we are talking Black Friday proportion success here. She's been at this biz for 21 years.

And to show you just how cute/humiliating the outfit is, her is a closeup of me with that hat (that was originally intended for dogs).

 photo 60992345-670C-4D49-959A-1C8758FADD3A_zpselyz7kc5.jpg

Anyway, if you are a bit more curious as to what she makes, here is a cute nail ornament that I thought my readers would get a kick out of. And this is some holiday nail art I did to display it last year!

And now on to my reader appreciation portion of this post. Since I might be a bit sporadic for the next few weeks (after my mom leaves post Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be busy volunteering at the Kiwanis Tree Lot, which I'm sure is a post for another day), I thought I would host a little mini giveaway to make up for it!

I recently tried LynBDesigns nail polish for the first time after seeing The Mercurial Magpie review her Robin Williams inspired collection. So I snatched up three polishes, and I've decided to giveaway one of the polishes.

So to begin, I'll share a manicure I did with Make Your Life Spectacular, a gorgeous light purple with pink flashes holo.

 photo EC17D70F-BD80-4443-8F78-72F619C7AE16_zpsr8hsufml.jpg

I started with three thin coats of Make Your Life Spectacular. The formula was great, thin and easy to work with.

 photo 51C51F6E-789E-4683-AF3C-3FD351A9625D_zpsawgtgpai.jpg

I have nothing like this in my collection of polishes, and was pleasantly surprised I liked it so much. It is a bit girly for my taste, but so girly that it makes me really love it. I think this polish is girly and proud of it. I tried for a bit to get a unicorn stamp on top of the design I used here, but I just couldn't get it to work. But I still think this polish would be great with a unicorn motif.

 photo CEDFAE7A-E0C9-4E00-BD68-B885475274F9_zpsoub8l5qz.jpg

The stamp I used here was Lily Anna 09 stamping plate for the image and used Essie No More Film to stamp with. I really loved the Make Your Life Spectacular polish because of its bright pink flashes and holo glam that really came out to play in the sun, above.

Now on to the giveaway. Because I have been a polish purchasing machine lately, and I still have two untrieds from my LynBDesigns order, I thought I'd spread the love and giveaway one of the two. So I will be gifting Phenomenal Cosmic Powers. And Kirby, The Mercurial Magpie, was kind enough to share her swatch of it with me so you can see the beauty of what I'm giving away!

Isn't it gorgeous!?! This giveaway is for US residents only 18 and up. I'll run the giveaway through Dec. 1, when my mom's Northern California shows are over! Thank you readers for sticking with me while my posting is sporadic and not on its usual Mon-Wed-Fri schedule. I truly love you all to pieces!

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