Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my nails to yours....

I'm using this collage of my nail art to bid adieu to fall and autumn nail art! 

I'm thankful for this blog and all the ladies I've met through the nail blogging world! I just love geeking out on nails with you all. 

Don't forget to sign up for my Reader Appreciation Giveaway and have an awesome Turkey Day! 

I'm spending the morning with friends at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in San Jose and then having relaxing afternoon/evening off with just my parents (Mike is headed to his parents' for the weekend).

I braved Trader Joe's last night to give my parents a semi nice meal tomorrow night, well nice enough for the three of us!

Here is what I got (even though I won't eat any of this except for the cranberry sauce).

I hope you all have fun weekends with family and food aplenty, and of course nail polish!!!

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