Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From the Vault and Sneak Peek

So three day weekends are just amazing! You get the first day to unwind and relax, the middle day for fun and activities and the third day to get all the to-dos done! Every weekend should be a three day weekend!

Well yesterday, my to-do day, I spent quite a long time in my nail polish work space. I'll share a little more of that with some sneak peeks later in the post. But for today, I let the day get away from me, I clearly played with polish too long. So today I have a look from the vault. Before my photos were super great, but I was still having so much fun with nail art, here we have my first multi-colored stamping job!


All of these polishes are Zoya! We have a base of Purity, with stamping using Edie, Heidi and Alexa using my Bundle Monster BM-501 plate.


This is a fun, tropical look! When I see this stamp, I think fun sea plant. Some under the water bright coral cousin! So anyway, that is what I was going for with this look and I hope you enjoyed it. I also had a good photo of what it looks like to stamp with multi-colors, but unfortunately, I lost it when I dropped my phone in water on vacation. :( Oh well.

Anyway, so yesterday I was in my lab for a long time. Before my vacation, I was sent a hefty Indigo Bananas package – I get to compare and contrast all the Mega Chrome Holo Flakies for you all! And there are a bunch, just look below!


So I'm thinking of splitting them up into alike colors, and then showing you all in groups like that. So that is why they are split up like they are! So after playing with a few of these and photographing them – I decided to challenge myself. I thought, let's go for it, try to water marble for the first time.


Whomp, whomp. Just keepin' it real and letting you guys know that things don't always work out for me! I'm not surprised it didn't work out the first time. But I knew I had to at least give it a shot. I have an arsenal full of tips for next time too! Yay. So don't expect to see success in this department anytime soon, but it will be something I plan to tinker with every here or there!

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