Monday, May 4, 2015

Bright and Fun Skittle Nails

Hey guys, today I have a fun look I put together a few weeks ago and I think it's great to post now that the weather is getting warmer all over. I think this look is super bright and happy and I know when I wore this look it brought me so much happiness while wearing it.


It's probably a little bit silly that I derive such happiness from my nail art, but I tell you, on a stressful deadline day, where it feels like I will never really meet my deadline, let alone step outside and see the daylight, looking down at my nails truly brings a smile to my face. I don't think I'm alone either!


Anyway, on to the details of the look. I hope you don't hate me, but both of these polishes are no longer available. :( They are both special batches from Smitten Polish. The coral one is The Second Lobster, which is a lighter more spring-like version of Smitten Polish The First Lobster, which might be one of my most favorite nail polishes ever. The chartreuse polish is a one of a kind, didn't really get a name, but it was titled SP 2014 12.

The stamping was done using the Born Pretty Store plate BP-L005, which was sent for review. This plate is awesome, it has 20 different images on them, and each is unique out of my every growing nail stamping plate collection. I've been very impressed with the BPS nail stamping plates, they haven't disappointed me yet! The images are well etched and work very well. Feel free to use my discount code – TRAH10 – for a ten percent discount! I'm not exactly thrilled with the color I used to stamp on this – Zoya Heidi – it turned out more orange than I had intended it to.

For the dots, I just used a dotting tool and Essie The More the Merrier.

Anyway, I hope this look brought a smile to your face as it did to me! Do your nails make you as happy as mine do? Are you lucky enough to work in an office that doesn't care what color you wear on your nails?!

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