Friday, May 8, 2015

Introducing Indigo Bananas Neon, The Tenth Element

Ok guys, I know I said I was going away for a week, but I had epic nail mail I knew I needed to share with you all, especially since this Indigo Bananas collection is release today! :)

*Press Sample*

This is the Indigo Bananas Neon, The Tenth Element collection, minus two polishes. As I am just headed out of town, I only had time to do a quick skittle look before having to prepare to leave town so I'll just tease you with these quick photos!


From thumb to pinkie we have: Rubidium Rhod, The Uranium Evil, Diva Plumbum, Carbon Dallas, Phlogiston Paradise and I am holding Zinc Industries. Not pictured, but in the first shot, is the orange – LiLoo (Lithium Loo).



Now I didn't have time to do anything but watermark these photos, but most are color accurate. The hardest to capture was Diva Plumbum (the teal) and Phogiston Paradise (the purple). Diva Plumbum is color accurate in the center shot (the other two make it look too light) and Phogiston Paradise is the most color accurate in the sun shot, though it is a little brighter and less blue than that. Seriously though, I have been dreaming of Phogiston Paradise for awhile now, so happy to have a polish like this.

The formulas on these are much better than other neons I have worked with. Most are two coaters, Rubidium Rhod (red) and Phogiston Paradise could almost be one coaters. The sheerest were The Uranium Evil, yellows are always notoriously bad and Diva Plumbum. Diva Plumbum still looks pretty good in two coats, I added a third for good measure. The Uranium Evil was opaque in three thin coats. 

Right after I did these nails I of course changed my plans for my vacation nails and added in some of these awesome Indigo Bananas. I also just got a macro lens for my iPhone and so this is the first of many macros you'll see in the future! For this gradient I used The Uranium Evil, Diva Plumbum and Carbon Dallas – with a holo top coat. 


These babies will be available May 9 at 10 a.m. EST on the Indigo Bananas website. There are a few other polishes coming out (a neon pink and green are also a part of the neon set) as well as some other goodies (crystal flakies, holo and a super mega multichrome flakie). So go check it out.

For more details on the release and the new collection, visit the Indigo Bananas Facebook page and if you are an Indigo Bananas lover, you should totally join us in the We're Bananas for Indigo Bananas Facebook fan group, the more the merrier!

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