Monday, August 25, 2014

Guest Post from In Jeeb We Trust

While I am away I have some very gracious fellow bloggers filling in for me! jeebjeeb at In Jeeb We Trust was kind enough to share this look with us! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to follow her at the link below, you won't be sorry I promise! Her nail stamping and nail art is fantastic, so close to my taste!  

Hey all! I’m jeebjeeb from In Jeeb We Trust.

I just got back from vacation and found a 5 day old email from Traci asking if I would write a guest post for her. I’m like noooooo! Am I too late? Why nails gods why?? Luckily I was just in time. And like her Newsie moniker suggests, I’m on deadline! :) Ándele! Ándele! Anything for a fellow nail\hockey fanatic! (See you Nov 6th Sharks, bring it on!)

I love Traci’s blog because I can always count on two things; holo (& lots of it) and some fun stamping. Two of my favourite things! So here’s a manicure in true Newsie style.

The base is Nubar - My New Obsession, a beautiful turquoise leaning blue creme, covered in one layer of Model City Polish - Seize The Rainbow, which is basically just holographic magic sauce.

 I was feeling like gettin my blue on, so I decided to stamp with Zoya - Neve, that midnight blue shimmer kills me! And it stamped quite nicely, gotta love Zoyas for that. I used my Cheeky Viva Mexico plate, been dying to use this pattern for ages. And I managed to keep it straight! It’s a miracle!! Well… don’t look at my other hand… >_<

Well I hope you enjoyed my brief takeover.
Thanks so much to Traci for having me! It was a pleasure!
Have a good one!

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