Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guest Post from Cait at Polish Hound

While I am away I have some very gracious fellow bloggers filling in for me! Cait at Polish Hound was kind enough to share this look with me! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to follow her at the link below, you won't be sorry I promise! Her swatches and photography are top notch!

Hey guys! I'm Cait from Polish Hound, and today I'm mega-thrilled to be guest posting on Newsie Nail Novice!

I've got some simple and colorful dotted nail art to share.  I feel that if I can do this design, anyone can! This is only my second time attempting to make floral prints using dotting tools, and I think it went a little better than my first. Although, whether you prefer this style, in which the petals are more separated, or the first is really subjective.  There are so many ways to make flowers with dots, and it's going to be fun to experiment more in the future!

Polishes used:

The base color is Misa- Forbidden Lust. I used LVX- Cliquot for the stamping & center dots, and OPI- You Are So Outta Lime! for the green outer dotted petals. I love the color of the green petals, but You Are So Outta Lime! is a little sheer for dotting, and I had to go over some of the same dots twice, as you can probably tell. 

The stamped design is from MoYou London- Pro XL 11.

I'm just finally getting into dotted florals, (actually floral in general), and I don't know if the world is sick of them yet. What do you guys think?

Thank you, Traci, for having me! Hope everyone has an awesome day!

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