Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recreating Different Dimension's The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me

So I was recently lusting after some beautiful blue holo polish that was included in Llarowe's A Box, Indied for April. Obtaining an A Box, Indied can be difficult, because they are highly sought after and usually contain polishes you can only get if you get your hands on the box. They are also $50, which is expensive for most people. Myself included.

Anyway I was really wanting Different Dimension's The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me polish, which was only available in the A Box, Indied. So I went into project mode to see if I could recreate the polish. First off, I'll show you some swatches of it from a fellow blogger over at Cosmetic Sanctuary. Lisa was kind enough to share her swatches with me, so go visit her site and take a look around! I'm sure you'll love it!

 photo The-Lovers-The-Dreamers-and-Me-side_zps503960d2.jpg

 photo The-Lovers-The-Dreamers-and-Me-AL_zps4156ef95.jpg

The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me is a bluish purple holographic polish. The to photo is under indoor light with the bottle light right under a bright light (close to sunlight).

Here is my recreation!

 photo EB760E3B-4948-4403-BA7A-D521DD36A9E6_zpsniddps8f.jpg

 photo B8C03002-3B9E-4F0D-8681-18054B1FF071_zps1ouvyvbz.jpg

 photo F24B0CC8-835A-4040-A61F-2A4CC96F7F0A_zpsrcbxmzlp.jpg

 photo 85BBFBCE-8D2B-430C-B192-E69AAF2E0FE3_zps91nxishl.jpg

I used two coats of a cobalt blue polish I own, Essie Butler Please, and a coat of my favorite linear holo top coat, Colors by Llarowe Leather and Lace. I think I got pretty close, but my blue is a bit brighter, and less purple toned. But I'm happy with my imitation nonetheless.

I really need to practice doing more work with my current polishes. I definitely need to take a break from buying polishes. I need to take up more nail art as well. Just got some new stamping plates from MoYou, so expect some fun nail art coming up soon!

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