Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lake Tahoe Vacation Nails

Hey guys, I return from vacation today but I'm pre-posting once again so I can vacation without worries and so you won't worry about missing a thing!!!


Today I get to show you my ever so awesome vacation nails. Usually like to do a good skittle nail when I go on vacation so I don't get bored too easily with my nails.

For this awesome look I used my Smitten Polish neon flakies, and because I'll be in the sunshine, I added a layer of Indigo Bananas Spectraflair Holo top coat (SF 35)! Both of these brands are some of my absolute favorites so I was so happy I could pair them together. Also fun fact: turns out these ladies are friends in real life too! Yay for happy nice makers!!!


As you can see, the top coat makes these beautiful polishes sparkle in the sun. And now for the specifics, from thumb to pinky we have, Smitten Polish Terra Opal, Smitten Polish Lazy River, Smitten Polish Ice Pop Paradise, Smitten Polish Aer Opal V. 1.


And as you can see in the shade, the flakies come out to play! Soooo much fun! Love that the addition of holo does not overshadow the flakie goodness in these either. For the stamping I broke out my Rica Blackout Polish again and used my MoYou London Explorer 25 plate.


So what do you think?! I totally love to holo all the things so I just love that I was able to holo these flakies, it is the ultimate vacation look.

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