Monday, August 31, 2015

Tropical Fair Maiden Polish Nails

Happy Monday everyone, I'm prewriting this from last Friday (I know, no procrastination is crazy for me right!?), as you will currently find me on the shore of Lake Tahoe relaxing with my family. Yay for vacation!

Today I've got a super fun tropical look I've created using Fair Maiden Polishes!


These polishes are from the Hello Holo Customs group, which is an awesome Facebook group which hosts various indies and gives them the opportunity to create a custom chosen with inspiration from members of the group!

This gradient is completed using Fair Maiden Polish Aloha Nights (the blue) and Fair Maiden Polish Lanikai Sunrise!


And special for y'all today, I have a shot of the makeup sponge I used, so you can get an idea of how I create gradients (sorry I'm not fancy enough for videos or action shots). To start this look I did two thin coats of Lanikai Sunrise (because it's lighter), waited a few minutes for it to dry and then went to work with the sponge. Basically I paint the colors on the sponge, and then place it on the nail and move in up and down, side to side motion. The up and down motion is to help blend the colors!

Don't get discouraged when doing this! I promise so many times I feel like I screw this process up when working on my gradients, but after the cleanup and the final look, it really does come together!


For the stamping here I used my Rica Blackout stamping polish and my MoYou London Pro 08 plate for the fun Hawaiian hibiscus flower stamp!


So I'm short on words today but I hope you all have a super fun week ahead. I promise you I'm in my happy place right now, Lake Tahoe is my most favorite place on planet Earth!

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