Monday, August 10, 2015

Aztec Road Trip Nails

Hey guys, I'm still on my four day weekend, but I thought I'd try this whole mobile blogging from my phone thing. So sorry in advance, I won't have live links in this post! 

These are the nails I sported for my weekend away! I used Aztec chevron nail vinyls and Indigo Bananas Phlogiston Paradise (the best purple creme ever) and KBShimmer Run It's The Coppers!

I love how these turned out! And they were bright and great for our weekend away. I took them with me for a day on the shore of Lake Tahoe and to the casinos of Carson City yesterday. I spent the weekend with my best friend and her husband and mom for a fun weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life! 

Unfortunately my nails did not bring me luck at the slots. Oh well it was super fun!

Sorry these photos aren't the best, they were taken on the road while in the car! Oh and on my weekend away my hubs and I celebrated our sixth anniversary! This summer has been filled with weekend adventures and I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

Hope you all had great weekends too! I've got a lot in store for the rest of this month so stay tuned!!!

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