Friday, August 21, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower Nails

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all are expecting fantastic weekends ahead. I am headed down to Southern California later tonight to celebrate one of my closest friend's baby showers! So of course, as is expected from someone who is as big of a nail freak as I am, I did themed nails to go along with the shower!


As you see below, I did my nails to match the invites I created. I actually am quite proud of the invites. I am no graphic design genius or anything, but I found enough online free stuff to create the invitation from scratch. The theme of the baby shower is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so you just know I had to do matching nails.


The shower is for my best friend from high school and I am just so excited for her to have her first child. Well excited and a little jealous, cause I'm trying to have a baby too (keepin' it real!). Just hasn't happened yet. All in good time right?!

Let's get to the how-to of this post.


For the base I used two coats of Literary Lacquers Blue Lullaby, because not only was the name and color totally appropriate, I actually have a date to meet up with Amy of LitLaq because she just so happens to be visiting Disneyland while I am down in Orange County too! I'm so exited. I've never met anyone from the nail world before!!! ;-)

After the base, I knew I wanted some stars for sure, so I broke out my new MoYou London Festive 08 plate. This plate is actually Christmas themed, but had great stars so it worked perfectly. I used my  yellow Jolie Polish stamping polish for the stars. Now because it's also a baby shower, I had the perfect umbrella which actually had a star on it on my BP-18 plate so I did that on my accent nail to top off the whole look and tie in the whole baby "shower" concept!

I think the whole look turned out great and it isn't exactly over the top baby shower so I totally love it! Can't wait to show it off at the shower tomorrow! Hope you all have fantastic weekends!

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