Monday, August 17, 2015

Créme á la Mode Nail Art

So today I've got a quick post for y'all showcasing some of the fine nail art you can create using the indie cremes in the Créme á la Mode box! If you missed my full review of this box, check out my post from Friday!

*Press Samples*

These babies go on sale today and I just wanted to show you how well they stamp, because stamping is just so great and finding opaque cremes that stamp, well that is even more awesome.


So this shows a look using all the polishes in the box: the red (Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Universal Loner), the blue (Literary Lacquers Blue Stocking Romance), the taupe (Digital Nails Tauping Mechanism) and the berry (Indigo Bananas Dark Side of Maroon).

I'm not sure how well they would go over darker colors, but as you can see they all look great over a light base and Tauping Mechanism stamps well over the darker colors!


Another favorite thing I like to do with cremes is match them with a complimentary holo (because holo all the things!!!). So here I've used an aztec chevron nail vinyl to separate the cremes from the holo. 


For the holo matches I used Darling Diva The Alchemist with the Universal Loner, Elevation Polish Ephemeral Sands with Tauping Mechanism, Indigo Bananas Polish of Unusual Quality (a holo from her fall release which I'll have up on Wednesday) with Dark Side of Maroon and Elevation Polish Muztagh Ata with Bluestocking Romance.


Not all of these match quite perfectly, but I thought they looked okay enough. 


So these are just a few of the many many many things you can do with a good indie creme and you're in luck! These suckers are available for preorder starting today! The box is $26 + shipping which is an amazing deal and they are available for preorder today through Sunday August 23 at the Créme á la Mode Big Cartel website. Word on the street is these will be available individually in the maker's individual shops sometime after the preorder ship, at retail price. 

Hope you like these ideas, not super exciting, but I thought it showed off a few things you can do with cremes!

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