Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indigo Bananas Spring Polish Review and Easter Nail Art

Hey guys, today I've got a press sample from Indigo Banana's Spring Quintet to share with you!


Today I'm sharing with you two of these five glass fleck scattered holo pastel collection that is just perfect for the spring when everything is in bloom!



First up we have Land of Green Ginger which is a gorgeous minty green creme polish with lovely golden glass fleck and scattered holo pieces swimming throughout the polish. The holo is very subtle, but a fun addition to the polish that you aren't expecting. It mostly looks like a mint polish with a golden glow, but in certain angles in direct light you can really see the holo pieces come out to play.

This polish was on the thicker side, but I'm guessing that is because it had so many elements too it. It wasn't difficult to work with. This is three coats with a top coat. The first coat looks very patchy and the second coat completely covers that, I added the third to completely hide the nail line.



Next we have Saffron Revolution with is a lovely peach leaning pastel coral polish with lovely blue glass flecks and scattered holo finish. This was very similar in appearance as Land of Green Ginger, with that hidden holo coming out to play making this polish so special.

Application was the same as Land of Green Ginger, with Saffron Revolution being just a tad thinner, but barely noticeable. I would suggest allowing a little dry time between each coat for best results. This is three coats with top coat.

And because I like to add a little nail art to my reviews, and Easter is just around the corner, I decided to combine the polishes for a fun seasonal look.



Now please forgive me for the stamping here, it's not the greatest job I've ever done. I think clearly, I've been out of practice for awhile and I need to jump back into this stat! But for this look I used designs from Bundle Monster Plate BM-603 using KBShimmer Eyes White Open to create this fun Easter egg look. These two colors pair so well together, and their pastel brightness made them the perfect backdrop for this fun decorated-egg look.

Overall I was very impressed with these two polishes, and am definitely eying the entire collection. One thing I've always really liked about Indigo Bananas is that the creator always does something a little different than everyone else out there. Just when I was starting to hear people ask about glass fleck finish making a comeback, bam, here is Indigo Bananas fulfilling that want and taking it a step further with that scattered holo.

The Spring Quintet was just released this week at the Indigo Bananas website. Full size 15ml bottles of this collection retail for $10 and if you just want to sample, they have 8ml bottles for $6.50.

Also recently released was the holo versions of Indigo Bananas Mega Chrome Flakies, which I have a few of to show you in another post sometime soon!

Oh and if you are already a fan of Indigo Bananas, you should totally join us in the We're Bananas for Indigo Bananas Facebook fan group, we are currently having an IG nail art contest!!!

So what do you think of these polishes? Have you tried Indigo Bananas before, what did you think? Which IGs are your favorite?

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