Friday, April 17, 2015

Easy But Elegant Nail Art: Double Side Dot

So the first time I saw the double side dot look, I kept the idea in the back of my head of something I must do! I believe the first place I saw it was from McPolish on Instagram, so this is definitely not my own idea but one I wanted to share with the masses regardless!

Also I had seen ILNP Poetry and ILNP Happily Ever After paired before, and knew they would make the perfect combination for this look!




The formula for Poetry and Happily Ever After were great, wonderful two coaters both of them.

Happily Ever After, which is on the thumb and ring accents, is a lilac colored mega holographic which has gorgeous silver flakies throughout. The flakies make the polish glow in the shade and the holo finish makes it blinding in the sun! Awesome polish through and through.

Poetry is a magenta, warm leaning purple. Almost the color of a delicious sangria. But look close, there are magenta microflakies, giving the polish even more depth.

To make the side dot look, just use a dotting tool and add two dots to the side of your nail. Throw in an accent for an even more cute, coordinated look. Pretty simple to do, but a fun way to pair polishes!

Sorry this post is on the shorter side, I've had a busy week and it was my husband's birthday yesterday! But I've got some fun polishes to show you next week courtesy of Smitten Polish! I'll just leave a shot of the bottles right here as a little sneak peek! You won't want to miss these neon flakies!!!


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