Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dreamland Lacquer Dancing in the Sky

Hello everyone and a happy Tuesday to you all! Today I have a gorgeous sparkling gem to share with you.

*Press Sample*

This is Dreamland Lacquer Dancing in the Sky and it is a very special Hella Holo Custom polish that was created just for Mother's Day.

This polish was created for all the women who we have know that have helped us, taught us and loved us. It was based off of a YouTube song that Noelie, the genius behind Dreamland Lacquer, found and loved. She also said the sparkles represent the laughs of our favorite women. 

The sparkles in this polish are deep and go for days. They are gorgeous and definitely dance, especially out in the sunlight. I would describe the color as a blue leaning periwinkle microglitter polish, but Noelie said that on some skintones it might lean more purple. In addition to the lovely microglitter, the polish features some gorgeous pink shimmer that also dances and make a surprise appearance indoors and outside!

The polish was almost opaque in two coats, I added a third for good measure and because I had a bit of visible nail line. It is a microglitter, but doesn't dry down too textured. I used one coat of regular top coat and then a layer of Ooh Shiny!, Dreamland Lacquer's quick dry top coat. 

I couldn't bear to take this polish off, but wanted to add a fun nail art look to it while I was up at Pinecrest Lake this weekend. The polish pair well with Anchor Heart Lacquer's Vacation Land in a cute double little dotticure! 

This polish is currently available for preorder through Hella Holo Customs, so you have to be a member of the Facebook group to be able to purchase the polish. To become a member, just email hellaholocustomercare@gmail.com with the topic 'JOIN.'

The polish retails for $13 and is available for preorder through May 10.

So what do you you think? I think you definitely need this pretty sparkler! While I was out wine tasting and hiking this weekend I couldn't stop staring at my nails, they were just so distracting – just like I like it!

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