Thursday, May 19, 2016

San Jose Sharks Hockey Nails

Hey guys, I'm gonna be real with you for a second. I'm having a real awful day. Like my single down day for the month where everything just weighs super heavy on my shoulders and all the bad things have happened all at once and I'm just in a super awful head space at the moment.

But in an effort to turn that around I thought I'd try and focus on something happy that's currently going on in my life for the moment – one of my other big hobbies: Being a San Jose Sharks Hockey fan!

Of course I  had to do nails in support of my team which is in the Western Conference Finals (third round of the playoffs) in the National Hockey League. Our team has never gotten this far and been this successful (we've been in the third round before, we've just never been as good as we are now).

In the gloomy mind space I'm currently in, the San Jose Sharks are my one ray of sunshine and thankfully I'm headed to Game 3 in the Shark Tank tonight and I cannot wait!!!


So let me get to the details of these nails! I really like how subtle they are but also how well the coordinated with my jersey and the team colors! I started with a base of Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (the perfect Sharks teal). This is a gorgeous bright teal linear holo with matching micro glitter and a matching blue flash. Opaque in two perfect coats. This polish is one of the only in my collection with a super visible fill line! Uh oh, I might actually neeeeeeed a back up!

For the tips I used a nail vinyl guide for the black tips, then carefully with another guide, added the light orange color (a Kiko color I got in Europe).


The San Jose Sharks have been a big part of my life for such a long time. It's where my husband and I go on most of our date nights (we have a 10-pack of tickets), or if we're not at the game, our night out will be watching it somewhere.

We even got engaged at a game! Super cute story, he was a text away from putting it on the jumbotron, but I would have kiiiiiiiillllllled him. Instead it was during the national anthem, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and said, "Let's do this!" Totally low key and perfect for me! No one noticed which is just how I prefer it!


A few weekends ago my bro and his girlfriend came up for the game we went to in Round 2 (which we won, yay!) and we had so much fun.



In San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose, they have all these signs out. Playoff atmosphere is in the air.

True story, after that game I lost my voice for two days since I was cheering so loudly. We'll see if I have a voice tomorrow! Hahahaha!


So Cheers to the Sharks! I think this might actually be their year and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it!

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