Monday, May 30, 2016

San Jose Sharks Playoff Nails

You guys, the San Jose Sharks are in the Stanley Cup Finals. You don't know how special that statement is to me. Their playoff run has been my life for the past 6 weeks.

They have never ever been to the finals, meaning they are the one of the top two teams in all of the National Hockey League. I know my nail friends aren't that excited about this, but you guys, this is such a special moment in my and my husband's life!

So of course I had to do some nails to commemorate this special experience.

I actually did these nails for Game 6 of the conference finals, which we have never won before either. Mike and I were at the game and I wanted to sport some unique fun supportive nails for my team.

I have been seeing pond manis all over the place and have always had the technique on my to do list for the longest time! So this is a pond mani using ILNP Harbour Island, another perfect Sharks teal! I started with one layer of Harbour Island, then stamped white sharks using a Bundle Monster plate, then I painted another layer of Harbor Island, then stamped black sharks using the same plate. I topped the whole thing off with another layer of Harbour Island.

I love the whole effect. It looks like sharks swimming in the water and they are out for blood. And my boys on the San Jose Sharks are out for blood, this is their year!!!! (I HOPE).

You see my team has had a really long history of performing so well in the regular season then falling short every playoff season. This year is different, this year they have proved everyone wrong and I'm just so happy to be here experiencing it all.

Want to know something else amazing. I did these nails LAST TUESDAY. It's not Monday, Memorial Day, and there isn't a chip on them! Can you believe it. I sported them all weekend for this girls weekend away I am wrapping up right now and I just took the above photo ten minutes ago.

The Sharks are starting Game 1 of the playoffs tonight and I can't wait to see them play! I'm nervous and excited and I just knew I had to get these nails up on my blog stat!

I hope you all had fabulous weekends, and sorry I'm gushing so much about my team, but you guys, it's the STANLEY CUP FINALS. AHHHHHH. Can't wait for tonight!!!!!

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