Friday, October 9, 2015

40 Great Nail Ideas – Teal

Hey everyone, Happy Friday today I have a simple look to share and it's teal one of my favorite colors to boot! I'm back with another edition of 40 Great Nail Ideas.


The super awesome thing about this challenge is every other week there will be a color assignment, this week it is teal, and each lady doing the challenge will have a different prompt to combine with that color combo. For me this week's it's fluid lines! I'm terrible at freehand I think these turned out terrible, but I did do one trick I can share with you that I always enjoy!


The one tip I have, since clearly my fluid lines, which are just all over the place and don't know quite what to do with themselves – is to mix finishes. I find using a polish with a creme and holo finish pair well together if they are the same color. It makes you really notice the texture.


The colors I used for this look are Indigo Bananas Shrieking Teals (holo) and Indigo Bananas Diva Plumbum (creme). Disclosure, these were both originally press samples, but now are lovingly used in various nail art!


Even in indirect light, you can see the texture and design of this look, just because I used two different finishes of the same color.


To create these fluid, but totally random lines, I used a small nail art brush (shown above). I can't tell you what I was thinking when I applied these lines, because well, there was clearly no plan when I started this and I just sort of went to town and went in all different directions for each nail.

So clearly I feel like I failed the fluid lines prompt, I mean I did fluid lines, but the design is sort of a flop. Lesson to take away from today? Pair the same color creme and texture, the result is always stunning – sorry my fluid lines aren't great!

Don't forget to check out all the other ladies, who had other prompts besides fluid lines, so you'll get to see an awesome mix of teal nail art in the inlinkz below!


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