Monday, April 4, 2016

Dry Brush Spring Nail Art

Hey everyone, happy Monday. I want to start off this post with an apology, I've been pretty neglectful of my regular posting schedule and have fallen off the map a bit but I was trying to keep away from blogger burn out.

I have so much fun playing with nail polish, creating looks and swatching but I get to the hit publish stage and I just lag. It's the procrastinator in me! But I'm going to try and turn that around right quick, I hope you all will forgive my absence, and if you haven't noticed it, well then yay!


Today I have some banging nails I rocked while visiting family over Easter weekend after getting a ton of compliments on my Creme a la Mode dry brush nail art (see those nails, here!).


For these nails I started with a base of my favorite go-to holo Painted Polish 2016, a gorgeous holo polish with hidden iridescent flakies. Then I broke out some bright creme polishes to dry bush on top.


To dry brush, you take the brush of your nail polish and try to get as much of the polish off of it by running it back and forth over the open neck of the polish. Then, very lightly, take a stroke over the base polish to create a brush stroke. Repeat as much as you want until you have the look you desire! For this look I used KBShimmer Bahama Drama (coral), Color Club Blue Ming and Essie Using My Maiden Name (which isn't really a creme, but was the exact shade of purple I was looking for).


I think I went a bit too far stamping over this, but hey, I really wanted to add something to the look. To stamp I used Painted Polish Midnight Mischief and my Uber Chic Beauty 7-02 plate.


I took the above photo while getting out of town, and boy was there traffic so there was plenty of time to be distracted by my nails! In the end, I think the stamping did work, a lot of people told me they look like stained glass type of nails, which I guess works for the Easter holiday and all.

So that's it for today everyone, thanks for sticking with me and being patient. Later this week I hope to have my newer ILNP purchases and some more nail art!!!

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