Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I love

Atlantic Monthly and their amazing website, bloggers and journalists.

Every day I go on their website, read the latest blogs, articles etc. and am informed and amazed at the writing ability. The website is well organized and I never feel too overwhelmed by too many links (I'm looking at you HuffPo).

Some recent links of articles recently read and thoroughly enjoyed:

What Makes a Good Teacher? An interesting and in-depth look at researching successful teaching methods and what the Teach for America program offers schools in the United States.

Bad Decisions at the Beach. I love how Alyssa Rosenberg takes something as terribly trite as Jersey Shore and relates it to Jane Austen, Bath, England and Pride & Prejudice. A good reminder that most all ideas have been recycled for decades.

Is American Addicted to Information? An intriguing look at what we pay for information, how we consume information and what it all means.

Island of of Lost Children. A horrifying look at how Haiti is now ripe for the picking in the sex slave trade.

And that is just a small sampling. I rarely see a link I don't want to read on this website and I never feel like I waste my time there. I feel that when I read these articles I am not only staying current but sharpening my own writing skills because every piece is so well written.

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