Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me Nail Art

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, and happy birthday to me! Today I am 33. It's both a happy day and bittersweet day – I kinda sorta wanted a baby by now – and now I'm one year closer to that ominous age of 35 (were it becomes some higher percentage harder to try an conceive). And becoming older kind of nags at my brain like that.

So to bring out the happy I decided to do my nails up right! It's supposed to be a rainy few days this weekend and what better to bring a smile in the rain than some lovely neon polishes!!!


Above you'll see all the players for this look! I started with a white base and then sponged on a menagerie of Indigo Bananas (one of my favorite indies) neons.


To top off the whole look, because in California you never know when the sun might peek out from behind the clouds, I did a single layer of ILNP My Private Rainbow X, for a scattered holo cherry on top.


Then I stamped a geometric look from my UberChic Collection 7 (plate 7-02), not really caring if all the fingers were uniform. The polish I used was Painted Polish Midnight Mischief, a great stamping polish.


I used the latex barrier I have from ellagee, but I'm not quite sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the latex I use isn't quite good enough. Every time I go to peel my latex, the thin layer of dried polish that was on the barrier, does not come up when I remove the latex, it just stays stuck to the nail polish look. Which in the end almost defeats the purpose of using the latex, because then I have to clean up the polish mess. Meh, help me polish peoples!!!


I've only been rocking these nails for 24 hours and they've brought me so much joy already!


I'll end the post with a macro of my favorite nail, my thumb. I really liked how the thumb turned out because I think it was a good showcase of all the colors! :)

Not only am I a year older today, this month marks my second anniversary doing Newsie Nail Novice. So many happy things right now, my nails, this blog and life in general. Just gotta focus on the happy lovely rainbows in life! :)

Hope you all have a swell weekend! Let me know what your favorite nail art it? Gradients, holo rainbows, stamping, nail vinyls?! Also share with me tips for the latex application. I want to make this work gosh darnit!

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