Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My First Custom Polish

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. Today I have a super awesome polish to share with you, my very first custom polish. But stay tuned, this polish is actually going to be available for purchase, more on that at the end of my post!


During the fall I would be driving home during twilight amongst the most vivid neon fall leaves. So I wanted to find a polish that represents that. I thought some golden and amber flakies swimming in a periwinkle holographic polish was exactly that vision and Rachel from Ever After Polish did not disappoint one bit at all!


This polish has everything totally captures my vision, and it just my absolutely most favorite polish ever! I've never done the custom thing before, but my experience with Ever After was a fantastic one and I highly suggest if you want a polish you just don't see out there, contact her!


The title of this polish is Burning Twilight and I'm honored to say that it is actually available for purchase. Now Rachel did ask me, since it was my custom, if it were okay for my custom to be put up for sale. I didn't make the custom to be all mine, I'm all about sharing that rainbow perfection! So I'm pleased to say this is available for preorder this Friday!


The polish went on great in two coats, the periwinkle holo base did not overwhelm the beautiful amber flakies at all. Also the flakies did not leave a textured finish at all! The formula was a tad thick, but nothing too difficult to work with, especially because it had everything I could ever want in it!


So what are you waiting for?! Go snag this puppy! I haven't seen anything else on the market quite like it! :) And now reviewing all these swatches again, I want to go put this polish on again!!!

Once again, for all of you who just scrolled down to the bottom (don't deny it, I know most of you do ;-)) this polish is available for preorder Friday on the Ever After Polish website (I think at 5 p.m. EST). And while you're there, pick up some amazing cuticle crelli (which is amazing, loving mine) and some other awesome Ever Afters (might I suggest Stuffed or Falling)!

What Ever Afters are you most excited to try?!

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