Monday, May 3, 2010

Discussing what should lead...


There are a lot of big news stories this week, one which I feel might be getting the shaft from most national media outlets.

First, we have The Gulf Coast Oil Spill. I understand this article's importance as a national issue, one that will have devastating, long-lasting effects on not just the environment, but also the economy.

Second, we have the NYC Time Square Bomb Scare from over the weekend. This was a huge deal over the weekend. It continues to make headlines on the New York Times website, understandably so. But it seems to be dominating a lot of news coverage – which for something that happened on Saturday night – seems a little perplexing to me.

Thirdly, we have a whole bunch of continued hoopla over the Arizona Immigration law. This is an important issue that I feel needs to continued to be discussed, but I don't think it should outshine the newest and lastest news.

And coming up last, but certainly not least, is the deadly storms in the south. What is up media? The only outlet I can say that is truly giving this issue enough press today is CNN (which is why all my links point to that website). This is a devastating storm that has misplaced so many from their homes and has literally changed the Nashville skyline. Twelve deaths in Tennessee alone and that count probably won't be complete until the water dries up. The pictures tell the whole story and I don't know how a community like Tennessee can bounce back from this.

The storm story isn't even on the New York Times Front page, you have to scroll halfway down the page at the Huffington Post (it is below an article on Conan O'Brien for goodness sakes!), the only reason it is on the LA Times front page is because their coverage is a most-viewed article (no thanks to them). The only outlet giving it proper coverage (next to the oil spill coverage, which is larger understandably) is CNN with a photo teaser and article links below.

That is the type of coverage this issue should be receiving and I am sad it isn't getting it. The southeast will need Red Cross $$ to recover from this and it isn't getting the proper media coverage to garner that type of coverage which is sad for that area.

* Above photo courtesy of Twitter user @rwitherell

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