Friday, February 19, 2010

You choose to ride a death trap....

So because it is "Ski Week" meaning half of the Silicon Valley families are out of school and on vacation and taking time off etc. the CHP have used their light up signs to bring a message, "SHARE THE ROAD LOOK TWICE FOR MOTORCYCLISTS."

O really?!

I have to look out for motorcyclists as they split lanes going 80 plus miles an hour on the freeway? They choose to drive recklessly and I have to watch out for their stupid behavior? I don't think so. Where did all this concern come from regarding motorcyclists all of a sudden?! And why is it my responsibility they don't get killed?

I was very pleased to read in the Mercury News today that I am not the only irritated driver to feel this way. Check out Mr. Roadshow's column Motorcyclists need to do their part to promote road safety and check out a few other infuriated driver's comments regarding the issue.

My favorite suggestions for a change in road signs:
"Motorcyclists, don't split lanes in fast traffic."
"Motorcyclists, you're harder to see so don't drive in a car's blind spot."
"High-speed lane splitters die young."
"Motorcyclists – stop driving like idiots!"

I would much rather see a message about wearing seatbelts or watching for drunk drivers than protecting careless motorcyclists.

I really hate motorcycles and feel they are death traps and would never want to ride one or let anyone close to me make that mistake. However it is not my job to make sure others who make that decision stay alive, it is their responsibility to drive well not every other car on the road.


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  1. blah! my first comment was just deleted due to google/openids poor programming.... they just can't except that one person might have multiple online identities. Hello, 19-yr-old Eliza's long-abandoned gagblog, apparently the only thing allowed to comment here!
    to summarize: thanks for the link, I love reading roadshow and being nostalgic! And I miss having a car to drive....
    Thanks, also, for the interesting comments on journalism standards.... I need to post more often so that we can get more of a debate/conversation going!