Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie-filled weekend

Well this past weekend was one filled with movie watching and complete unproductivity. It was great.

The weekend started with Dear John on Saturday night. I really didn't like the ending, it was too neatly tied in a bow, completely unrealistic, but I guess that is what you can expect from a romance movie. Also the leading lady had no personality at all, which was a disappointment because I really like that actress. The best part about the movie was the subplot, having to do with autism, which totally pulled at my heart strings.

Next up was The Hurt Locker which I found to be a total snooze fest. All the hype behind it, people saying it is Avatar's biggest competition completely confuses me. I found myself in the middle of the movie asking myself, "where the heck is this movie going, what the hell is the point of this plot?" I understand the acting was good, but the characters lacked depth and the plot lacked a point.

My favorite movie of the weekend was The Blind Side. The story was touching, the acting was great and it was an overall enjoyment to watch. I realize Hollywood took some liberties with the story they were portraying but I think it all ended up well. Sandra Bullock was amazing. The kid who played her youngest son was a stich! The movie was great and I am glad I finally saw it.

The last movie was The Lovely Bones and boy was it ever trippy! I get it Peter Jackson, the main character is in between heaven and Earth. I. GET. IT. A lot of people had a issue with Mark Whalberg being cast as the father, that did not bother me too much. What did get to me a bit was how many creative liberties I felt Jackson took because he wanted to emphasize how interesting the in between world was. Ugh. I want plot, not crazy trippiness. I can't let it go unsaid, Stanely Tucci was AMAZING and unrecognizable. So good.

Stay tuned for a post about my Academy Award picks...

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