Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Nail Art

You didn't think I'd let a holiday pass without doing some sort of nail art to commemorate it?!?


These are my only Halloween nails I've done this year. I think it's because of my lack of stamping plates, or my obsession with fall manis, but this was all I did. It's cute and colorful so I like it, but man I've totally used these Halloween stamps before.



First off, to create these awesome stripes, I broke out my MoYou London Pro Plate 01 and used Painted Polish Midnight Mischief on the stripe image – then on the stamping head I painted the stripes using Dreamland Lacquer Plastic Pumpkin (orange), Sugar Coma (green) and Questionable Costume (purple).

After waiting a minute or two for the microglitter to dry on the stamping head, then I stamped the image on my nail (over a layer of Midnight Mischief, which I already had painted on my nails). This stamper decal method is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I find it so much easier than using my UberChic mat, because I find decal placement and transfer to be my biggest issue.



Then I did my accent nails which truly made it halloween using my Bundle Monster BM-H08 and my Jolie Stamping polishes. Check out how awesome that green looks against the black background.


Anyway I really liked how these turned out, especially the stripes. Sorry I didn't do more fun Halloween looks this year like I have in the past. But don't you worry, November is going to be FULL of fall colors and leaves manis!

Hope you all have fabulous Fridays, and have you entered my giveaway yet?!!?

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