Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Am I getting older....

Am I just getting older, or are people getting less tolerable in general?

Last night, which also happened to be Fat Tuesday, Mike and I had the displeasure of sitting behind this four most obnoxious people at the Shark's game.

These four, seemingly drunk and reeking of cigarette smoke, guys cared more about making themselves a spectacle than what was going on with the game.

Our seat neighbor (who sits by us at all games) asked one of these guys if they could lean back in their seats so he could watch the game with an unobstructed view. Now I'll admit, our seat neighbor comes off as kind of rude when he does this, but the this guy just pretty much ignored him.

Then they got into a verbal confrontation and it was almost like they were going to fight. Seriously guys?! It is not attractive nor comfortable for anyone to be around two people with awful tempers exploding over something as simple as LEANING BACK IN YOUR SEAT. The Pavilion asks you to do so at the start of the game. Why can't we keep our tempers even and just comply, rather than blow up at each other and create a spectacle. It makes you no more a man to get in a public argument; actually it makes you look like a 12-year-old junior higher. And that sight isn't pretty boys, not at all.

After a pretty uncomfortable first period, our seatmates found better seats far away from the d-bags in our section – I don't blame them.

For the rest of the game, these guys butted into other people's conversations, leaned as FAR FORWARD as they could and made sure everyone around them paid attention to them. During overtime, they tried to start the wave. Seriously! It's overtime people, the game hinges on these last five minutes and you are trying to distract everyone in our section by starting the wave?!?! SIT BACK DOWN AND SHUT UP! These minutes count and we didn't come to the game to watch you and the show you insist on creating in section 221.

Anyway, these guys were seriously the best example of how not to act at a Sharks game. Thankfully I most likely won't have to deal with them again, seriously though they ruined the atmosphere of the Sharks game for me last night.


  1. Its obviously a little late, but the ushers in both our sections are really good about telling people they notice that leaning forward is not acceptable. You could try enlisting them at the period breaks or something. I'm sorry they ruined your night.

  2. Yeah, we didn't want to include the blue coats. Unfortunately when our seatmate threatened that, that is when things almost turned physical. I wish our seats were closer to the blue coats, but I don't think they noticed how obnoxious these guys were.